Basic Cooling

Heat Balance

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Basic Cooling System covers all the major cooling system components and the science of heat movement. This really is the only way to view coverage of the cooling system. Content coverage includes:

  • Sankey diagram
  • Cooling
  • Heat balance
  • Mechanical coolant pump
  • Radiator
  • Thermostat
  • Fan
  • Expansion tank
  • Pressure cap
  • Heater-radiator
  • Cooling system monitoring
  • Antifreeze gauge
  • Pressure pump
  • Waste gas tester

This module is rich in interactive media content, which is the only way to view this type of content. Knowledge and understanding of each of the subjects is followed by a quiz to confirm understanding and you have unlimted access for 60 days

Basic Cooling System

Total running time:  6 hrs 18 minutes

cooling front

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